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The Process of Social Security Disability at Zobrosky Law Office.

This timeline is only an estimate, each individual case varies.
  • Initial Application     1 - 5 months  
  • Reconsideration       1-3 months   
  • Hearing (ODAR)       9-12 months
  • Hearing decision        after the hearing


The approximate time for a claim to fully process from the date of your initial filing date can rage anywhere from 18-24 months. Each individual claim is different, this is only a general idea of the process. 

1.  Initial Filing 
File at the local office, online or through Zobrosky Law Office   
      This step takes roughly 1-5 months

2. Request for Reconsideration (appeal 1)
If you are denied on your initial claim contact Zobrosky Law Office 
   This step takes roughly 1-3 months

3. Request for Hearing before an Administrative  Law Judge (appeal 2)
If denied on Reconsideration contact Zobrosky Law Office and we can appeal this case to be heard by an Administrative Law Judge at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, which for most cases will be in Fort Wayne, Indiana or Indianapolis, Indiana. 

This step is generally the longest waiting period and can take anywhere from 9-18 months from the date that the hearing was requested.

During this appointment you will be given an appointment with the Case Manager five weeks later to obtain ongoing medical evidence and any medical evidence that has not yet been collected.
While we wait for a hearing date (this is set by the Social Security Office of Hearings and Appeals) we will continue to gather information and medical evidence and work with you to keep your file current and develop your case.

When a hearing is set, we will notify you of the time and date of the hearing, and will work with you to prepare for the hearing.  Ann Zobrosky will represent you at the hearing, and present your case to the Administrative Law Judge.  We will also work with you on all post hearing development required by the Judge or the Social Security Administration.